TEI Fellowship FAQs

Who is the best fit for applying to the TEI fellowship?
Someone who is proactive and passionate about changing the renewable energy planning and landscape in their tribal community. You will thrive on a network of professional and educational support, networking opportunities with industry leaders, and open to mentorship and guidance.

What kind of renewable energy experience is required?
It will be helpful to know about renewable energy concepts and how they apply to your tribes unique energy needs. You do not need direct, formal, or professional experience in renewable energy.

Do I or my tribe need a renewable energy plan to apply for the fellowship?
TEI does not require a renewable energy plan because the fellowship year will be dedicated to developing your focus and vision for potential renewable energy projects for your tribe.

What kind of tribal documentation do I need to meet the tribal eligibility requirement?
Proof of tribal membership (CDIB) or descendancy is sufficient. 

If I partner with my tribe, organization, or school, do I need to share a portion of the fellowship award?

The TEI contract and award will be between the applicant and the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund. It will be up to each fellow to work with the tribal partner to determine if a portion of the award is to be paid out. The TEI suggests that each applicant present to your tribal council or tribal board of directors how you will use the award.