Tribal Energy Innovators Fellowship

The Tribal Energy Innovators Fellowship designated for federally-recognized tribal members who are interested, invested, or engaged in work which supports renewable energy infrastructure and tribal energy capacity building in tribal communities. 

The TEI is a year-long (January 2020 – December 2020) fellowship that will provide $10,000 grants and other resources to selected fellows that will support the development of innovative ideas and the use of problem-solving processes that lead to sustainable renewable energy solutions for a tribal community.

Click HERE to watch the recorded presentation on “Resilience and Sovereignty through Renewable Energy” at the 2020 AISES National Conference

The 2021 fellowship application will be available early November 2020, please check back for the TEI informational webinar registration

Please meet our 2020 TEI Fellows!

Vaughn Vargas

Cheyenne River Lakota

Fellowship Goal: To develop “desktop” studies and framework that will help inform renewable energy planning and implementation in a way that tribes/tribal staff understand.